Hrubesch’s declaration of love: “The girls are a real team”

ZAt a late hour, after many correct and important things had already been said in the corridors and in front of the television cameras in the catacombs of the Rostock Ostseestadion from the lips of professionals about the worthy performance of the German women’s football team, Horst Hrubesch pressed the switch again and turned it on at the microphone standing on the table.

The 72-year-old definitely wanted to get rid of something on Friday night. What he then wrote in a nearly minute-long statement was a declaration of love to his team. His words on Saturday, thanking his players after the 3-0 Nations League win over Denmark, further showed how proud he was and still is of the task he took on at the start of October. Gratitude is filled.

“The girls are truly a team,” Hrubesch said, praising the sense of togetherness that each team member is dedicated to. The way they stuck up for each other and supported each other, he said, “is fascinating to me. They take me, an old man, with them. And it works well for us.” Thanks to their success in the prestigious neighborhood match, which greatly entertained the 19,180 spectators in the sold-out arena, the German Football Association (DFB) team leapfrogged the losers to take first place in the rankings. Both now have twelve points, but the goal difference speaks in favor of Grubes and his choice. In Wales they will play their final group game in the new competition on Tuesday (7.30pm). If they establish their leadership position, they will take part in a four-nation tournament at the end of February, where two entry tickets to the Olympic Games in Paris will be awarded.

Hrubesch has no doubt that they will now be able to take the final step: “I am confident that we will win.” The coach returned to the DFB women’s team and made a significant contribution to changing the mood. The team, which in the summer at the World Championships in Australia increasingly resembled a gathering of frequently arguing individualists who were unable to put their high demands into practice together, is difficult to recognize: the processes seem stable, everyone is moving forward. Commitment and cooperation. look much more harmonious.

“They trust me, I trust them”

Hrubesch, in such a short time, chose suitable means to dispel uncertainty. “I can only say thank you to the girls,” he verbally passed the ball back, “everyone is helping me.” On our journey, we treat each other fairly. The chemistry is right. They trust me, I trust them.” He loves his commitments and feels fulfilled: “Football is a simple game. And it’s only really good if it’s fun. And success brings pleasure.”

Harmonious coexistence among German female footballers: everyone is full of dedication

Harmonious coexistence among German female footballers: everyone is full of dedication

Image: DPA

Alexandra Popp (14th minute), Marina Hegering (26th) and Clara Bühl (90th +3) ensured a happy ending in the match with Denmark. Sjoke Nysken, called into midfield in place of Lena Oberdorf and putting in a flawless performance, said they all “feel completely safe on the pitch” at the moment. Under Hrubeš’s leadership, the joy of the game was again “developed” and this restored self-confidence to a group that had not least been disappointed at the World Cup by being eliminated in the preliminary round.

The 22-year-old, who switched from Eintracht Frankfurt to Chelsea in the English league in August and quickly gained physical strength and speed in their Championship squad, said she felt better after her “mega game” against the Danes. will no longer be deterred from their course in Wales: “If we show there what we showed today, I will be very confident.”

Nysken, who has received less playing time under Martina Voss-Tecklenburg (who was initially replaced by Hrubesch during her illness before her contract with the German Football Association was terminated in November), has made a clear request to the new boss who, if she gets her way, . . would like to expand my part-time job: “I’m very pleased with it. I would be very happy if he continued.” Goal scorer Bühl also said that “everyone feels good” with Hrubeš, who gives them new motivation for this kind of “football at full strength”: “He strengthens us incredibly.”

The former Hamburg striker, who was director of the HSV youth sports center for three years, did not allow himself to say how he envisions his future after his successful experience in Rostock. Initially, his agreement with DFB managing director Andreas Rettig was limited to only until the middle of next week; In the event of reaching the playoffs, which is now more possible than ever, the agreement provided for the extension of the employment relationship for another two months – with a subsequent option to extend it until the Olympics in Paris. “At the moment, the girls and I get along well. “We’ll see what happens next,” Hrubesch said simply. The smirk on his face was enough of an indication that this connection, which had started out so hopeful, had long since left him wanting more, not least.

Source: Frantfurter Allgemeine

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