Women’s Bundesliga: Hoffenheim challenges Eintracht

bWhile all eyes are on Barcelona and Benfica, travel and the Champions League are currently largely out of sight, with Eintracht Frankfurt needing a better result in the women’s football Bundesliga to begin their international run. So at least third place. And if we take into account that the first two places – even if the race seems a little larger even this season – will most likely go to Bayern Munich and Wolfsburg, then weak phases in the work of the national leagues are extremely undesirable.

Moreover, there is another duel with TSG Hoffenheim for the status of the third force in the country – as in the last two seasons, when the Hessians achieved the goal in each case. Two results from last season illustrate how close the situation was between the teams: twice the score was 3-3.

“Very strong in transition game”

The confrontation with TSG this Sunday (14:00 free on Magenta Sport) at home in Brentanobad is all the more important. Moreover, both teams – Hoffenheim in third place and Eintracht in fifth – have an equal number of points. “We have picked up a few points in the last few weeks and now have a good starting situation, which we want to improve once again with three points against Hoffenheim to be able to overtake TSG,” says SGE coach Niko Arnautis.

After “always exciting and entertaining games” against the Kreichgauer women, he would of course be pleased with the organized game if it was successful. Because the opponents bring with them to Frankfurt-Rödelheim a stunning away force: Hoffenheim have won all their matches abroad, only in Wolfsburg a last-minute goal prevented them from achieving complete success.

Most recently, Mara Alber played in the foreground in a blue and white jersey. The 18-year-old was only promoted from her U20 team ahead of the start of the season and has already enjoyed great success, scoring four goals and providing three assists. Hoffenheim is a team that plays forward and has a big threat on goal from the flanks. They are especially strong in the forward transition game,” says coach Arnautis.

Germany players on both sides did not experience much stress during the international break. In-form Nicole Anyomi made two brief appearances for Eintracht Frankfurt, defender Sarah Dorsun played 90 minutes in the dreary 0-0 draw in Wales, and Sophia Kleinhern, Stina Johannes and Laura Freigang did not play.

Offensive force Freygang had to leave the DFB squad ahead of the Wales game due to a groin problem. Eintracht announced that it will be decided as soon as possible whether the leading player will be fit to play again on Sunday. Four days later, the next international evening in Benfica Lisbon will again be on the Eintracht program.

Source: Frantfurter Allgemeine

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