Taylor Swift whistles: Mahomes and Chiefs win dramatic Super Bowl

MFans of the San Francisco 49ers blew their whistles as they welcomed their rival, the Kansas City Chiefs, into the stadium in Las Vegas, surrounded by outstanding quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Taylor Swift, the singer who was most recently partnered with Chiefs pro Travis Kelce, was also greeted with a shrill concert of whistles, albeit from across the stands, as she was shown on the football arena screens for the first time. Eventually, the cheers of celebration drowned out everyone as the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers in the National Football League (NFL) final, 25-22 in overtime, to win the Super Bowl for the third time in four years.

The 49ers dominated the game for a long time and were the dominant team, especially in the first half. Defenseman Brock Purdy showed off his skills in the second game when he found Kyle Juschyk with a pinpoint pass. He ran, artistically jumped over his opponent, and the stadium went wild. Christian McCaffrey then came up in a similar fashion, with one play after another as San Francisco was close to the end zone before the ball was suddenly knocked out of McCaffrey’s hands and the Chiefs took it back. Greetings from the other side. What a start!

The genius play by the Kansas City defense was followed by an equally impressive performance by the 49ers defense. They repeatedly pressured Mahomes and his teammates, eventually with Chase Young and Nick Bosa catching the Chiefs playmaker and slamming him to the ground. Just one play later, Mahomes crashed painfully into the turf again, this time being tackled by Randy Gregory, and once again it was the 49ers’ turn.

Kansas City came under pressure before halftime

Everything happened quickly in this first phase of the game, which featured few points but some great plays for both defenses: Trent McDuffie knocked the ball out of the hands of San Francisco receiver Deebo Samuel just in time, preventing the first touchdown of the game. The same thing happened on the other side when Chiefs punter Isaiah Pacheco lost the ball just before the end zone after a high tackle with Kansas City’s first points in sight.

The game needed offensive flair. And suddenly that’s exactly what happened: San Francisco used its tricks and forced quarterback Purdy to throw a pass to receiver Jauan Jennings, who then didn’t run but instead threw the ball again. As if on a string, the ball flew into the hands of teammate McCaffrey, who, due to the confusion, was able to run almost unimpeded into the end zone. Touchdown! The previous field goal made it 10-0 for San Francisco. Kansas City was under intense pressure before halftime.

Making life difficult for Patrick Mahomes: San Francisco 49ers defense around Nick Bosa (right)

Making life difficult for Patrick Mahomes: San Francisco 49ers defense around Nick Bosa (right)

Image: AP

Also before the break, a scandal erupted around celebrity guest Taylor Swift. During halftime, the Las Vegas stadium screens featured several celebrities, including actor Leonardi DiCaprio, Martha Stewart and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. Most recently, it featured singer Swift, who has made international headlines in recent weeks for her relationship with Chiefs ace Kelsey, and who, after a concert in the Japanese capital Tokyo, took a private jet first to Los Angeles and from there to the Super Bowl in Nevada desert. When Swift and his companion were spotted, there were loud cheers throughout the stadium and thousands of the more than 60,000 spectators appeared to join them. Swift and her date, who downed their drinks in front of the cameras, were clearly unimpressed, but several members of their entourage looked horrified and some even covered their mouths. No other Super Bowl celebrity guest has experienced such rejection from fans. Swift was then not shown on the arena screens again until the final whistle.

Source: Frantfurter Allgemeine

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