Champions League quarter-finals: Bayern’s two-faced problem

AOn your way to Holloway, where Arsenal Football Club’s football stadium is located, you can take a short detour and stop in central London at the Guildhall Library, where a scene from the new Netflix series The 3 Body Problem was filmed. . Three body problem. American television producers were allowed to film the thrilling science fiction books of Chinese writer Liu Cixin – and thus they also had to deal with the so-called three-body problem of celestial mechanics, which the smartest mathematicians can only solve numerically. this day. They fail to reliably predict what the path of three bodies will be under the influence of Newton’s law of gravity, that is, under the influence of mutual attraction.

But anyone who thinks the three-body problem is hard probably doesn’t know the Bayern Munich football team and its two-faced problem.

Source: Frantfurter Allgemeine

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