Rear light: Intelligent high speed

WITHo never had big violations. Events in the field of artificial intelligence are almost turned upside down. Open AI launches fourth generation ChatGPT with new features. Microsoft and Google want to build AI into their software. The co-pilot moves to Outlook and Word so that complex tasks can be launched with just one command as the AI ​​pulls the information it needs from the calendar, email and Microsoft Teams. The Midjourney Image Generator, introduced here a week ago, is also available in an enhanced version. Because of this, it is even more difficult to distinguish artificial images from real ones. Nuance, a speech recognition specialist, disrupts the hospital: Dragon Ambient Experience Express automatically processes written documentation after a doctor has interviewed a patient.

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They simplify, get down to business, brush aside objections, and also enter the market with unfinished software to show the potential and opportunities: American and some Asian companies are developing AI systems at rocket speed. How does this compare to Europe? Some reports from the past few days show where travel is heading in this country: On Monday, the German Ethics Council called for strict limits on the use of artificial intelligence. Free words characterize the Council’s report: discrimination, right to object, heavy use of data, rampant real-time surveillance, automatic bias. The Federal Ministry of Consumer Protection also requires legal regulations and barriers to the use of AI. This can lead to increased prejudice and discrimination.

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European universities are researching topics such as discrimination and misogyny with the help of artificial intelligence. Tagesschau criticizes on its website: “The number of white males who develop artificial intelligence is above average.” Development teams are “not diverse enough.” Affiliate Hans Böckler Foundation is calling for restrictions on the use of artificial intelligence in labor protection legislation. Because the risk of accidents is increasing, because “thanks to AI, robots are increasingly acting autonomously and are therefore difficult to predict.” But Europe once again showed American companies how to do it right. They now need to be improved quickly, otherwise it will be prohibited and strictly regulated. At least that’s what Europe can do. This may cause nausea. But will the world wait for us?

Source: Frantfurter Allgemeine

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