The future of BMW and Mercedes: 2025

AFrom the depths of Bavarian and Swabian development art emerges a new joy of fine driving. In two years, the world will be reorganized, if not in a very real way, then at least in the form of two eternal rivals for the bulk of the automobile industry. The BMW range trembles under the name Neue Klasse in honor of the early shocks and upheavals. It competes in the 3 Series sedan format and its more off-road X3 counterpart, with the sedan to be revealed first and the SUV to hit the market first. After this, the duo will grow into a small family and will not stop at other size classes. “Brand identity is the key to premium mobility,” says development director Frank Weber, and anyone who uses the term “Sea of ​​Identity” immediately gets the nod from Ola Källenius and Gorden Wagener.

The first is the CEO of Mercedes-Benz, the second is the head of design, and both are convinced that the uniformity coming from China will perhaps further intensify the already fierce competition, but that nothing and no one can come close to this result. star. The CLA concept should therefore be taken as seriously as here, and the appearance of future models will certainly be even more Mercedes-Benz, with more than 130 years of tradition in the archives of Stuttgart.

Source: Frantfurter Allgemeine

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