Cabin in the car: longing for the speedometer needle

DThe analogue is preserved in the language. The speedometer needle rushes past the 200 mark, and the gaze lingers on the instruments – in fact, the driver has been simply looking at the screens for a long time. If students were still playing car quartet, there would be announcements like “Display: 56 inches.” And the answer is unlikely to be “Stitch!”, because currently no one offers a larger screen than Mercedes-Benz with Hyperscreen. However, the game could also lead to controversy, because the screen advertised by the Stuttgart team consists of three displays hidden under a common glass surface. And the data will quickly become outdated in any case, BMW is preparing a counterattack: the New Class, which will hit the streets in two years, will have the windshield itself become a screen.

As exciting as it may be to experience such technology for the first time, it raises many questions: How long will it take to differentiate a particular brand through digital technology? And more importantly: in a completely digital world, doesn’t true luxury lie in enjoying the immediate, that is, physical, experience?

Source: Frantfurter Allgemeine

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