Return of the Opel Frontera: Opel returns the Frontera to the lineup

NEven before the legendary Manta celebrates its rebirth, Opel is bringing back another old name from obscurity: Frontera. In 1991, when classic names such as Rekord had already been shelved and all models had to end with A (Corsa, Tigra, Vectra), Opel was one of the first manufacturers to recognize the coming career of SUVs and, with the help of Isuzu, launched Frontera as two – and a four-door model. Absolutely the right decision: in 1993 and 1994, Opel was the best-selling SUV in Europe. There was no talk about SUVs back then. Frontera means “border” in Spanish.

From today’s perspective, the 90,000 units that rolled off the assembly line in two generations up to 2003 is quite modest. Now Opel is clearly targeting sales of more than 7,000 cars a year and is banking on a rugged design reminiscent of the first Frontera, especially when viewed from the side. However, there will be no all-wheel drive, it will remain front-wheel drive.

Source: Frantfurter Allgemeine

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