Increased KfW funding: Prefabricated Housing Association calls for more families to benefit from construction costs

VDuring a meeting between the federal government and the housing sector scheduled for Monday, the Federal Association of German Prefabricated Housing called for a higher income limit for new construction subsidies for families.

“The income limit for financing new construction must therefore be immediately increased from 60,000 euros to at least 90,000 euros for families,” said association president Matthias Schäfer. The average family should once again be able to finance home ownership.

KfW promotes the construction of environmentally friendly housing

From June, families with one child and an annual taxable income of up to 60,000 euros can receive low-interest loans from the KfW development bank to build a new eco-friendly home. For each additional child, the limit increases by 10,000 euros. The program has so far been little used. Federal Construction Minister Clara Geivitz (SPD) has already promised to increase the limit.

Association President Schaefer also warned of a threat to numerous jobs in the industry. “Tens of thousands of jobs in the construction industry are now at risk of permanent loss,” he said. “Politicians must urgently provide a powerful push to get the construction industry up and running again,” Schaefer demanded. A higher income limit is one way.

In particular, housing construction, which has been booming for many years, has stalled due to soaring lending rates, putting pressure on the construction industry.

Source: Frantfurter Allgemeine

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