Sustainable business: tips for the energy transition

WUsing a sewing machine, hair-thin wires made of aluminum or copper are attached to the chips in a constant cycle. This special welding process is technically called bonding and refers to the joining of individual semiconductor elements onto a ceramic and copper support. Three to six of these equipped media will later be part of a high-performance module.

Bonding is one of many steps before individual chips are turned into complex modules of varying sizes that are then used in wind turbines, electric cars, trains and photovoltaic systems. Without them, neither the heat pump, nor the charging station, nor the fuel cell will work. Ultimately, every transformation of electrical energy, whether during production or consumption, requires converters and inverters, which in turn contain power semiconductor modules produced at the Infineon plant in Warstein, Sauerland.

Source: Frantfurter Allgemeine

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