Driver training proposal: Deutsche Bahn refers GDL to country agreement

DDeutsche Bahn is calling on the train drivers’ union GDL to return to the bargaining table on the basis of a collective agreement for the public sector in the federal states. “What is good for the 2.5 million collective bargaining employees and civil servants in the federal states cannot be bad for the approximately 10,000 colleagues within the GDL,” DB HR Director Martin Seiler warned on Sunday.

The head of the railway can note that representatives of the train drivers’ union helped in drawing up this collective agreement. Your Collective Bargaining Manager is also the Vice-Chair of the Collective Bargaining Committee of the dbb Government Employees Association.

The state collective bargaining association (TdL) and unions agreed on Saturday to increase wages in two stages: on November 1, 2024, they will increase first by 200 euros, and then by a further 5.5 percent on February 1 in total. not less than 340 euros. According to the information, at the same time the cost of training increases: first by 100 euros, and then by another 50 euros. In addition, collective bargaining employees receive a total of €3,000, excluding taxes and social security. This inflation compensation bonus is paid in installments: initially 1800 euros, then in ten installments of 120 euros.

A role model for train drivers?

Federal Chairman of the dbb Ulrich Silberbach assessed this conclusion as a great success. “We have contacted federal and local authorities,” he said. Silberbach estimates revenue growth at 8 to 16 percent. The employers’ negotiator, Hamburg finance senator Andreas Dressel, spoke of a fair and completely tolerable agreement. States could only afford this because the total costs of 23.9 billion euros were spread over three budget years.

“This agreement should now become the basis for the train drivers’ union,” said DB board member Seiler. The fact that no reduction in working hours has been agreed here is a clear signal. “We are ready to design a large volume of government services specifically for railways,” he said. “Within this structure we could be finished before Christmas.”

Source: Frantfurter Allgemeine

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